Dry Stack Facilities

Dry Stacking is a great alternative to keeping your boat in a Marina. It is the ideal boat storage method for those who want to make the most of their leisure time and their enjoyment of boating.

Queenscliff Harbour’s Dry Stack facility can accommodate vessels up to 10m LOA in our under cover storage, trailer yachts can also benefit from our outside storage as there is no need to rig or unrig your mast every time you want to go sailing.

Dry Stacking is the ideal way of reducing your costs, protecting your investment and ensuring that your valuable leisure time is not spent scraping, sanding and painting, but can be spent enjoying yourself on the water.

All lifting and launching is by way of a new state of the art marina forklift. The facility offers 24 hour security via CCTV and digital key access. The Harbours many amenities and services for guests which include a club lounge are available to Dry Stack customers along with showers & laundry facilities.

This facility will appeal to anyone who currently keeps their boat in a marina and is concerned about the spiralling costs, depreciation and the amount of time spent on maintenance. Along with the numerous features that Dry Stack can provide, it offers all the full benefits of keeping your boat in a marina, as your boat will be ready and waiting on a pontoon when you want to use it. And when you’re finished simply notify our staff and your boat will be picked up rinsed down and stacked away ready for another day.

Queenscliff Harbour is  ideally situated near many of the best fishing spots in Port Phillip along with other great destinations suited to swimming, snorkelling & sight seeing.

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