boatyard-1Queenscliff Harbours Boatyard boasts the most modern marina lifting equipment in Victoria. The Yard is capable of lifting vessels right up to 150 tonnes with one of the largest Marina Straddle carriers in Victoria. In water work berths are also available and vessels up to 100ft can be accommodated.

The Yard was designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible, all wash down waste is filtered through a septa filtration system, bilge and rain water is collected for washing boats.

Queenscliff Boatyard operates a 150 Metric Tonne Marine travel lift and a 10 Metric Tonne Marine Forklift.  Marine Travel lift is the world’s premier manufacturer of boat lifting equipment.

The travel lift has the capacity to lift vessels up to 150 Metric Tonnes, 30m (100ft) in length and 8.1 metre beam.

  • 25 Metric Tonne per spreader * 6 = 150 Metric Tonne
  • 20 Metric Tonne capacity per sling set

The marine forklift has the capacity to lift vessels up to 10 tonnes and 9 metres in length

Several marine businesses have made their home at Queenscliff Harbour providing boat maintenance, service and marine ancillary services which makes us a one stop shop for all your maintenance needs.  Queenscliff Boatyard can also assist you with daily equipment hire, so just let us know what you need & we will have it available for you on the day.

Boatyard Vessel registration